CASE STUDY #1:  How I Made A Trade School 1686% ROI On My Ads
I'll show you exactly how I took $1 and turned it into $16 for my client.  Over and over again, to the tune of $686K!
You will learn . . .
  • How I set up a stupid simple Ad Campaign that attracted serious buyers and not tire kickers.
  • How I PACKED courses by simply targeting those most likely to buy.
  • How this can work for ANY business, service or profession.
  • All the metrics we track.  Cost per click, cost per conversion, cost per lead, and RETURN ON ADSPEND!

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Other Case Studies Included:
  • 66 leads in 21 days for a Real Estate Agent
  • 157 Calls to a home building contractor EVERY month
  • How I squeeze even more leads by retargeting visitors
  • And more....
Hi I'm Pat Cherubini and we are
The Cherubini Co.! 
I'm a Professional Media Buyer and Facebook Ads Consultant that runs an ad agency, and we get CRAZY results for our clients!

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